Yom Kippur Sermon

  בס"ד Shluchim Sermon From the Rebbe’s Torah   - Intellectually and emotionally stimulating  Yom Kippur Humor to begin with : A group of men is at the gym club when a cell phone rings. One of the men answers: "Yes?" he says. "Is that you, my dear? I can hardly hear you." "Hello!" "Are you at the gym?" "Yes!" "I'm in front of the fur shop and they have this beautiful mink coat. Can I buy it?" "How much is it?" "About five thousand dollars." "Okay, but buy a matching purse that goes with it too my love." "Well, it also turns out that I stopped by the car dealership today, saw they have a brand new BMW on sale, it's the last one." "How much is the sale?" "Only sixty thousand dollars!" "Fine, buy it, but you have to get it with all of the accessories, and if it costs a little more, I won't get mad." The woman, realizing all of her requests were

Re'ei - Elul Sermon

  בס"ד Shluchim Sermon  Parshas Re’ei - Elul — From the Rebbe’s Torah —    Humor to begin with:   A boy is about to be sentenced for r”l causing his parents to be deceased... He begs the judge for mercy. The judge, in turn, asks the boy for one good reason he should be shown any kindness. The boy replies: “I’m an orphan, your honor.”   Mercy will be one of our central themes today.  * But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. On this Shabbos, we bless the month of Elul. The month of preparation for the new year which begins on Rosh Hashana .  We find two general instructions for this month: Firstly: We are told to do more good deeds — mitzvos, in general. Another specific thing we are told to do is to give charity.  So, we’ve already been told that we should emphasize doing mitzvos. Mitzvos includes charity. Charity is one of the mitzvos. So why the need to emphasize charity, separately?  * As we said, Elul is a preparation for Rosh Hashana — the new year, when we crown Hashem as king

Matos-Masei - Menachem-Av Sermon

בס"ד Sermon for Matos-Masei — From the Rebbe’s Torah —  Humor to begin with: I met someone at the gas station, and he suddenly opens up to me and says:  All my friends tell me that I have zero empathy. I don’t understand why they feel that way. We’ll get back to the subject of empathy. * But first: Today, we bless the new month of Menachem Av .  This is the month during which the destruction of the Beis Hamikdash — our holy temple in Jerusalem — occurred.  The literal translation of the name of this month — Menachem Av, is: “Comforts the father” — meaning that G-d, our father, needs comforting.  Now, I understand why the need for comfort during this month; sad things happened. But why “Comforts the father ?” Isn’t G-d ok, regardless? Is G-d really affected by happenings down here in this technical world? Sure, he lost his “home” in this world — but didn’t he let it happen? And after all, G-d’s house in this world — the place where he showed his glory through great miracles that oc