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Vayigash Sermon

בס"ד Vayigash Sermon — From the Rebbe’s Torah — Joke to begin with: My wife is threatening to kick me out of the house because of my obsession with acting like a news anchor. More on this after the break. Yosef’s act was nearing its conclusion. He was acting like a stranger to his brothers; they did not recognize him. He had told them that he would hold on to the youngest brother — Binyomin, and they finally had enough. Yehuda, the one who had guaranteed Binyomin’s return to their father, Yaakov, approached Yosef. and told him that he thought him as “powerless” as Pharaoh; threatening to take matters into his own hands. At that point, Yosef could no longer keep up his act, and asked all officials in attendance to exit, and divulged his identity to his brothers. He told them to quickly go home, and return to Egypt with their father Yaakov, so that he could finally see him after all these years. Before Yaakov went down to Egypt with his whole family, he sent Yehuda ahead of th